Monday, 12 March 2012

Starting a new life on my 35th birthday!

Ok, so I am a Shopaholic! Good thing that I know about that, so I can actually start doing something about my addiction. Bad thing, well, addiction itself. Perhaps today will be a good day to start doing something about that? Any day is good you'd say, but I want to make my 35 birthday special and with new resolutions. There you go then!
I'm not one of those who can spend hundreds in a day and I am not one of those who will max the credit card out, but unfortunately I am one of those who buy things everyday and soon after pay day being left with no money in my account. My weakness is H&M website. I could spend some money and some time there checking what's on sale and what's available. If I like something, well, I buy it. When I receive the package I am thrilled to have received that but after a few moments I chuck it into my wardrobe and wait for an occasion to wear it. When the day comes, I'll wear it and then I feel guilty of wearing the item because I don't want it to wear out or damage it. It's like feeling that all my clothes (I buy clothes mostly) are my precious possessions and I want them to last me forever. 
My wardrobe is full, I have no more room for anything. Yet I keep buying. The pros of having wardrobe full of clothes is that it takes me less than a minute to decide on what to wear, the con, well no more room for anything else and in many cases forgetting what I have in there.

You'll ask, so how are you going to start a new life? Well, I want to be free from checking the websites on what is available, I want to have some money left in my account at the end of the month and I want to be able to shop my own wardrobe rather than the shops. I want to be able to window shop without the urge that I need something that I make this last purchase and my wardrobe will be complete. I want to be able to actually enjoy my purchases. So, from today I am going to think: I don't need new clothes, I have more then enough. I don't need more shoes, I have more than enough, I don't need anything new, I need to enjoy what I have!

I hope that having a blog and actually writing here will help me. I need to be honest though and I need to write down my progress. If I purchase something, which I hope will not happen, I will write it down in here. If I stay away from purchases, I will write it down. 

In the meantime: Happy Birthday to me ;)

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  1. Really interesting start off to a blog I have to admit, I'm currently on a spending ban thanks to my quickly approching wedding (Though it didn't stop me from buying Fiance some new football boots last week,sigh.) perhaps you can be a bit of an inspiration!

    Following your blog - Hoping you post more! Goodluck :)