Friday, 16 March 2012

Making slow progress!

My strong or rather weak will and self control were seriously tested yesterday! I have to admit, I am really proud of myself. I'm sure you want to know what has happened. Well... Do you know what those sales are doing to us? How the items that are on sale (and not only on sale in my case) shout at us: "I'm reduced, come and get me, I'm a bargain!" Well, yesterday afternoon I managed to kill the urge (nip it in the bud) to look at the sale items in one of the shops I was passing by. Wait a minute, I'm lying, I did look, peaked actually but not went through them! How about that? Ha, I know I can do it then! Can I treat myself to something for that, something like a new top or pair of shoes or pair of trousers or perhaps a scarf? I'm just kidding.

In my case, or I suppose in anyone's case, the saying"out of sight, out of mind" is pretty much true. I know that if I looked at anything yesterday, anything that I liked, I would be desiring it, thinking about it so badly that in the end I'd have to go back and buy it. It's always like that with me. There is never: I have a similar item at home, I don't need one more. It's always: it would look good with my new pair of trousers, shoes etc. My mind would be imagining how I can wear it, with what and where. I dind't look yesteday and I don't have the problem today. Nothing is on my mind, not a single new item of clothing I mean.

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